Cured Duck 1945 Disney Cartoon Short Film | Donald Duck, Daisy Duck

What's your review of the 1945 Disney animated cartoon short film Cured Duck? It's directed by Jack King, and features Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. #CuredDuck #DaisyDuck #DonaldDuck Do you want to watch Cured Duck? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Cured Duck

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Donalds neues Ich, Pato curado, Paperino e la pazienza

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Cured Duck plot from IMDb: "Donald visits Daisy. When he can't open a window, he flies into a rage and practically destroys her house. She won't see him again until he takes care of that temper. He orders a mail-order insult machine, which promises that if Donald can endure 10 minutes of abuse without losing his temper, he'll be cured."

Cast and Characters:

Clarence Nash - Donald Duck

Gloria Blondell - Daisy Duck

Frank Graham - Radio Announcer

Directed by Jack King

Produced by Walt Disney

Written by Roy Williams

Music by Oliver Wallace

Studio: Walt Disney Productions

Distributor: RKO Radio Pictures

Released: October 26, 1945


For reference, below is a list of frequently asked questions and discussion topics! I'll answer some where possible!

Does Donald Duck have a pet?

Donald Duck has a chicken called Boo-Boo Chicken.

Does Donald Duck have teeth?

Ducks don't have teeth!

How do you do a Donald voice?

Just like Clarence Nash!

How popular is Donald Duck?


How strong is Donald Duck?

How tall is Donald Duck?

Donald Duck is around 3ft tall.

Is Daffy Duck related to Donald Duck?

No! Donald Duck is Disney, and Daffy Duck is Warner Bros.

Is Donald a Pekin duck?

Donald Duck is an American Pekin duck.

Is Donald Duck a member of the Navy?

Donald joins the U.S. Navy in DuckTales.

Is Donald Duck a sailor?

Donald Duck is not a real sailor.

Is Donald Duck a villain?

No, he's just angry!

Is Donald Duck a WW2 vet?

Donald Duck enlists in numerous World War II propaganda shorts.

Is Donald Duck copyrighted?

Disney owns Donald Duck.

Is Donald Duck married?

Donald Duck is not married.

Is Donald Duck more popular than Mickey Mouse?


Is Donald Duck related to Daisy Duck?

No! Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are in a relationship.

Is Ludwig von Drake related to Donald Duck?

Ludwig von DrakeisDonald Duck's paternal uncle.

What does Donald Duck suffer from?

Anger issues.

What happened to Donald Duck's voice?

Donald Duck was voiced by Clarence Nash until 1985. He is currently voiced by Tony Anselmo.

What is Donald Duck's catchphrase?

Donald Duck's catchphrase is "Aw, Phooey!"

What is Donald Duck's rank?

What military rank is Donald Duck?

Why did Donald Duck wear a towel?

He has to dry off those feathers!

Why does Donald Duck have no pants?

Why does Donald Duck talk weird and Daisy doesn't?

They are voiced by different actors.

Why does Donald Duck wear a sailor suit?

Why does Donald Duck's voice sound like that?

Why is Donald Duck so angry?

Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck!

Why is Donald Duck's voice like that?

It was how Clarence Nash chose to voice him.

Are Daisy and Donald Duck siblings?

No, they're in a relationshop!

Are Mickey and Daisy friends?

Of course!

How did Daisy Duck meet Donald?

How did Donald Duck and Daisy Duck meet?

Daisy was introduced in the Donald Duck short film Mr Duck Steps Out (1940).

Who is Daisy Duck married to?

What is the relationship between Donald and Daisy Duck?

Is Donald Duck married to Daisy?

No, but they are in a relationship.

How old is Daisy Duck on Mickey Mouse?

What age is Daisy Duck?

Is Daisy Duck in DuckTales?

In what episode of DuckTales does Daisy Duck appear?

Daisy Duck is in S03E05 Louie's Eleven!

Is Daisy Duck a villain?


What color is Daisy Duck's bow?

The colour of Daisy's bow depends on her outfit, but it is usually pink or purple.

What does Daisy Duck always say?

What is Daisy Duck known for?

What is Daisy Duck's birthday?

What is Daisy Duck's full name?

What is Daisy Duck's personality?