Critical Condition 1987 Film | Richard Pryor

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Critical Condition plot from IMDb: "Con man Kevin Lennihan, framed in a jewel smuggling, tries for an insanity plea, and is sent to a hospital for review, where he is confused for a doctor and takes over the hospital when a major storm hits."

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Directed by Michael Apted

Produced by Ted Field, Robert Cort

Screenplay by Denis Hamill, John Hamill

Story by Denis Hamill, John Hamill, Alan Swyer

Music by Alan Silvestri

Cinematography: Ralf D. Bode

Edited by Robert K. Lambert

Production company: Ted Field – Robert Cort Production

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

Release date: January 16, 1987

Running time: 100 minutes

Budget: $14 million

Box office: $20,240,502

Cast and Characters:

Richard Pryor as Kevin Lenahan / Dr. Eddie Slattery

Rachel Ticotin as Rachel Atwood

Rubén Blades as Louis

Joe Mantegna as Arthur Chambers

Bob Dishy as Dr. Foster

Sylvia Miles as Nurse Maggie Lesser

Joe Dallesandro as Stucky

Randall "Tex" Cobb as Box

Bob Saget as Dr. Joffe

Joseph Ragno as Palazzi

Jon Polito as Kline

Garrett Morris as Helicopter Junkie

Brian Tarantina as Tommy Pinto

Cigdem Onat as Dr. Alice Hoffman

Ralf D. Bode as Judge

Denis Hamill as Maintenance Men

John Hamill as Maintenance Men

Wesley Snipes as Ambulance Driver