Critical Care 1997 Film | James Spader, Kyra Sedgwick, Helen Mirren

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Critical Care plot from IMDb: "A hospital resident is put in the middle of a legal battle between two half-sisters on whether to pull their comatose dad's life support. But more seems to be at stake than dad's life - his inheritance."

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Directed by Sidney Lumet

Produced by Sidney Lumet, Steven Schwartz

Written by Steven Schwartz, Richard Dooling (novel)

Cinematography: David Watkin

Edited by Tom Swartwout

Production companies: ASQA Film Partnership, Live Entertainment, Mediaworks, Village Roadshow Pictures

Distributed by LIVE Entertainment (United States), Roadshow Entertainment (Australia)

Release date: October 31, 1997

Running time: 107 minutes

Budget: $12 million

Box office: $271,000

Cast and Characters:

James Spader ... Dr. Werner Ernst

Kyra Sedgwick ... Felicia Potter

Helen Mirren ... Stella

Anne Bancroft ... Nun

Albert Brooks ... Dr. Butz

Jeffrey Wright ... Bed Two

Margo Martindale ... Constance "Connie" Potter

Wallace Shawn ... Furnaceman

Philip Bosco ... Dr. Hofstader

Colm Feore ... Wilson

Edward Herrmann ... Robert Payne

James Lally ... Poindexter

Harvey Atkin ... Judge Fatale

Al Waxman ... Lawyer Sheldon Hatchett

Hamish McEwan ... Dr. Hansen

Jackie Richardson ... Mrs. Steckler

Barbara Eve Harris ... Nurse Lucille

Conrad Coates ... Dr. Miller

Bruno Dressler ... Mr. Potter

Caroline Nielsen ... Nurse Luscious