Crazy with the Heat 1947 Disney Donald Duck and Goofy Cartoon Short Film

What's your review of the 1947 Disney animated cartoon short film Crazy with the Heat? It's directed by Bob Carlson, and stars Pinto Colvig and Clarence Nash as Goofy and Donald Duck.

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About Crazy with the Heat

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Hitze zum Verrücktwerden, Paperino e Pippo nel deserto dei miraggi

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Crazy with the Heat plot from IMDb: "Donald and Goofy are driving across the desert, apparently the Sahara. The car breaks down (out of gas), and they start walking. Before long, they are out of water, and are seeing mirages of soda fountains and icebergs. Fortunately, they find a camel."

Cast and Characters:

Clarence Nash as Donald Duck

Pinto Colvig as Goofy

Paul Frees as the Oasis Soda Fountain Proprietor

Directed by Bob Carlson

Story by Ralph Wright, Bill Berg

Produced by Walt Disney

Music by Oliver Wallace

Color process: Technicolor

Production company: Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures

Release date: August 1, 1947 (U.S.)

Running time: 5:34 minutes