Cow Belles 2006 Disney Channel Original Film

What's your review of the 2006 Disney Channel Original film Cow Belles? It's directed by Francine McDougall, and stars Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka. #CowBelles #Disney #DisneyChannel Do you want to watch Cow Belles? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Tejben fürdünk, Tejben, vajban, bajban, Dairy Girls, Belas e Mimadas, Partygirls auf Mission, Les Soeurs Callum, Grosso guaio a River City, Piekne mleczarki, Cow Belles: Férias em Campo

If you know anywhere to stream or watch Cow Belles full movie online free (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc), feel free to share this information! At the time of writing, it's available on Disney Plus (Disney+).

Cow Belles plot from IMDb: "In order to learn how to be responsible, two wealthy teen sisters are forced to work in the family business by their exasperated father. When company funds goes missing, it's up to the girls to save the day."

Cow Belles trailer on IMDb:

Cast and Characters:

Alyson Michalka - Taylor Callum

Amanda Michalka - Courtney Callum

Jack Coleman - Reed Callum

Michael Trevino - Jackson Meade

Chris Gallinger - Phillipe

Paula Brancati - Sarah Van Dyke

Christian Serratos - Heather Perez

Alex Hood - Richie

Sandy Robson - Thomas

Craig Eldridge - Wilbur Meade

Sheila McCarthy - Fran Walker

Michael Rhoades - Bob Fenwick

Ron Gabriel - Melvin Melville

Duane Murray - Big Pete

Dylan Roberts - Ralph

Stuart Clow - Keith Walker

Written by Matt Dearborn, Stu Krieger

Directed by Francine McDougall

Theme music composer: Aly & AJ, Kenneth Burgomaster

Producers: Kevin Lafferty, Sheri Singer, Cameron Joyce

Running time: 88 minutes

Production companies: Spotted Cow Productions, Just Singer Entertainment

Distributor: Buena Vista Television

Budget: $5 million

Original network: Disney Channel

Original release: March 24, 2006