Cinderella III: A Twist In Time 2007 Disney Film

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Cenicienta 3, Askepott - Et fortryllende eventyr, Zolushka 3 - Zlye chary, Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, Cendrillon - Le sortilège de Cendrillon, Askepot 3: Tiden skrues tilbage, Askepot - Tiden skrues tilbage, Cinderela III Reviravolta no Tempo, La Cenicienta 3, Cendrillon 3, le Sortilège de Cendrillon, Cendrillon 3, Askungen 3 - Det magiska trollspöet, Det magiska trollspöet, 신데렐라 3, La Cenicienta III: Qué Pasaría Sí..., Assepoester III: Terug in de Tijd, Popelka III: Ztracena v čase, Cinderela 3: Uma Volta no Tempo, 仙履奇缘3, Cenicienta: Qué pasaría si..., Cinderella III - Wahre Liebe siegt

Cinderella 3 plot from IMDb: "When Lady Tremaine steals the Fairy Godmother's wand and changes history, it's up to Cinderella and her mouse friends to restore the timeline and reclaim her prince."

Cinderella 3 trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Frank Nissen

Produced by Margot Pipkin

Written by Dan Berendsen, Margaret Heidenry, Colleen Ventimilia, Eddie Guzelian

Music by Joel McNeely

Production companies: DisneyToon Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Release date: February 6, 2007

Running time: 70 minutes

Voice Cast and Characters:

Jennifer Hale as Cinderella

Christopher Daniel Barnes (credited as "C.D. Barnes") as Prince Charming

Susan Blakeslee as Lady Tremaine

Tress MacNeille as Anastasia Tremaine

Russi Taylor as Drizella Tremaine and The Fairy Godmother

Andre Stojka as the King

Holland Taylor as Prudence

Rob Paulsen as the Grand Duke

Rob Paulsen as Jaq the mouse. Bernard Derriman served as the supervising animator for Jaq.

Corey Burton as Gus the mouse

Frank Welker as Lucifer, Lady Tremaine's cat.

Tami Tappan as Cinderella (singing voice)