Christmas Town 2019 Hallmark Film | Beth Broderick, Candace Cameron Bure

What's your review of the 2019 Hallmark film Christmas Town? It's directed by David Weaver, and stars Candace Cameron Bure, Beth Broderick, and Tim Rozon. #ChristmasTown #CandaceCameron #BethBroderick Christmas Town? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Christmas Town

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd):

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Christmas Town plot from IMDb: "On her way to a new job as teacher, Lauren stops in Grandon Falls, where she meets and befriends single handyman Travis, his foster kid and many other locals in the weeks up to Christmas."

Director: David Weaver

Writers: Donna VanLiere (book), Wesley Bishop (story), Donald Martin (teleplay)

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Candace Cameron Bure as Lauren Gabriel

Tim Rozon as Travis Mabry

Beth Broderick as Betty

Jason Cermak as Eric Fitzgerald

Jesse Filkow as Dylan Hart

Anne Marie DeLuise as Gloria

Caitlin Stryker as Karen List

Fred Keating as Rod Loomis

Lara Gilchrist as Jill Baker

Rhys Slack as Liam Baker

Bruce Blain as Conductor

Kurt Evans as Frank Gabriel

Sunita Prasad as Heather

Karen Holness as Principal

Zoë Noelle Baker as Young Lauren (as Zoe Noelle Baker)

Herbert Duncanson as Nearby Man