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About Christmas Every Day

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Navidad todos los días

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Christmas Every Day plot from IMDb: "Billy Jackson is not having a good Christmas. He got a basketball and just can't make a jump shot. His Uncle David is coming to town to open a Valu-Mall, which will put his dad's store out of business. When he tells his little sister, Sarah, that there is no Santa, she makes a wish that it would be Christmas every day. Now he must relive it over and over again."

Christmas Every Day trailer can be found on YouTube.

Written by Stephen Alix, Nancey Silvers

Directed by Larry Peerce

Music by Billy Goldenberg

Producers: Gary M. Goodman, Barry Rosen, John Byers (co-producer), Stephen Alix (co-producer)

Production locations: Ashland, Virginia

Cinematography: Gideon Porath

Editor: Jerrold L. Ludwig

Running time: 1hr 35min

Production companies: Goodman/Rosen Productions, MTM Enterprises, International Family Entertainment, Inc.

Distributor: International Family Entertainment, Inc.

Original release: December 1, 1996

Cast and Characters:

Robert Hays – Henry Jackson

Bess Armstrong – Molly Jackson

Erik von Detten – Billy Jackson

Yvonne Zima – Sarah Jackson

Robert Curtis Brown – Uncle David Jackson

Robin Riker – Aunt Carolyn Jackson

Julia Whelan – Cousin Jacey Jackson

Tyler Mason Buckalew – Joey Manusco

Terrence Currier – Mr. Charmers (as Terrence P. Currier)

Kara Woods – Diane

Lindsay Austin Hough – Mike