Christmas at Cartwright's 2014 Hallmark Channel Film | Alicia Witt

Updated: Mar 13

What's your review of the 2014 Hallmark Christmas film Christmas at Cartwright's? It's directed by Graeme Campbell, and stars Alicia Witt. #ChristmasAtCartwrights #AliciaWitt #Hallmark Do you want to watch Christmas at Cartwright's? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Christmas at Cartwright's 2014

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Jul i stormagasinet, Santa's Secret

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Christmas at Cartwright's plot from IMDb: "A single mom gets a holiday job as a department store Santa to help boost her finances, and then an angel enters her life and brings about some positive changes, including the spark of a new romance."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Alicia Witt as Nicky Talbot

Gabriel Hogan as Bill

Wallace Shawn as Harry Osbourne

T.J. McGibbon as Becky Talbot

Linda Kash as Peg

Gabrielle Miller as Fiona Aldrich

Jayne Eastwood as Mrs. Rositani

Ron Lea as Mr. Mattews

Miku Graham as Liz

Marsha Regis as Mrs. Laurence

Kerry Lai Fatt as Sarah

Andre Richards as Santa's Helper #2

Nneka Elliot as Tina Richards

Catherine-rain Wilcox as Sophie

Zenna Hilliard as Grace

Written by Margaret Oberman

Directed by Graeme Campbell

Composer: Sean Nimmons-Paterson

Executive producers: Howard Braunstein, Patricia Heaton, David Hunt, Deborah Marks, A.J. Morewitz, Thomas Walden, Thomas Mark Walden

Producers: Steve Solomos, David Anselmo

Cinematography: Peter Benison

Editor: Roger Mattiussi

Running time: 84 min.

Original network: Hallmark Channel