Chow Hound 1951 Warner Bros Looney Tunes Cartoon Short Film

What's your review of the 1951 Warner Bros Looney Tunes animted cartoon short film Chow Hound? It's directed by Chuck Jones, and stars Mel Blanc.

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About Chow Hound

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Chow Hound plot from IMDb: "A perpetually-hungry dog has a great scheme going: planting a cat in different houses and bullying it out the food its "owners" give it. But he keeps getting hungrier and hungrier, and the cat keeps forgetting the gravy."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Mel Blanc as Cat

Bea Benaderet as M. Hinkle

Stan Freberg as C.M. Jones - Zookeeper

John T. Smith as Bulldog

Directed by Charles M. Jones

Story by Michael Maltese

Music by Carl Stalling

Animation by Ken Harris, Phil Monroe, Lloyd Vaughan, Ben Washam

Layouts by Robert Gribbroek

Backgrounds by Phillip DeGuard

Color process: Technicolor

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date: June 16, 1951

Running time: 6:36