Children of the Corn 1984 Film | Stephen King Adaptation

What's your review of the 1984 film Children of the Corn, adapted from the novel by Stephen King? It's directed by Fritz Kiersch, and stars Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton, and R.G. Armstrong. #ChildrenofhteCorn #StephenKing #horrormovies Do you want to watch Children of the Corn? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


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Children of the Corn plot from IMDb: "A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believes that everyone over age 18 must be killed."

Children of the Corn trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Fritz Kiersch

Produced by Donald P. Borchers, Terence Kirby

Screenplay by George Goldsmith

Based on "Children of the Corn" by Stephen King

Music by Jonathan Elias

Cinematography: João Fernandes (as Raoul Lomas)

Edited by Harry Keramidas

Production companies: Angeles Entertainment Group, Cinema Group, Hal Roach Studios, Inverness Productions, Planet Productions

Distributed by New World Pictures

Release date: March 9, 1984

Running time: 92 minutes

Budget: $800,000

Box office: $14.6 million

Cast and Characters:


Peter Horton as Burt Stanton

Linda Hamilton as Vicky Baxter

R. G. Armstrong as Diehl ("The Old Man")


John Franklin as Isaac Chroner

Courtney Gains as Malachi Boardman

Robby Kiger as Job

Anne Marie McEvoy as Sarah

Julie Maddalena as Rachel Colby

Jonas Marlowe as Joseph

John Philbin as Richard 'Amos' Deigan