Cheers Season 1 | Ted Danson + Shelley Long

What's your review of Cheers Season One episodes, starring Ted Danson as Sam Malone and Shelley Long as Diane Chambers? #Cheers #SeasonOne #ShelleyLong#TedDanson Do you want to watch Cheers Season One episodes? Scroll down for more information!


Cheers Cast and Characters:

Sam Malone Ted Danson

Diane Chambers Shelley Long

Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman

Ernie "Coach" Pantusso Nicholas Colasanto

Norm Peterson George Wendt NORM!

Cliff Clavin John Ratzenberger

Genre: Sitcom

Created by Glen Charles, Les Charles, James Burrows

Opening theme: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" by Gary Portnoy

Composer: Craig Safan


1x01 Give Me a Ring Sometime

1x02 Sam's Women

1x03 The Tortelli Tort

1x04 Sam at Eleven

1x05 Coach's Daughter

1x06 Any Friend of Diane's

1x07 Friends, Romans, Accountants

1x08 Truce or Consequences

1x09 Coach Returns to Action

1x10 Endless Slumper

1x11 One for the Book

1x12 The Spy Who Came In for a Cold One

1x13 Now Pitching, Sam Malone

1x14 Let Me Count the Ways

1x15 Father Knows Last

1x16 The Boys in the Bar

1x17 Diane's Perfect Date

1x18 No Contest

1x19 Pick a Con... Any Con

1x20 Someone Single, Someone Blue

1x21 Showdown, Part 1

1x22 Showdown, Part 2