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Cheers S04E01 Birth, Death, Love, and Rice

What's your review of the Cheers episode Birth, Death, Love, and Rice (S04E01)? It's directed by James Burrows.

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About Cheers Season 4 Episode 01 (4x01) Birth, Death, Love, and Rice

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Birth, Death, Love, and Rice plot from IMDb:

Directed by James Burrows

Written by Heide Perlman

Cast and Characters:

Ted Danson - Sam Malone

Shelley Long - Diane Chambers

Rhea Perlman - Carla Tortelli

George Wendt - Norm Peterson

John Ratzenberger - Cliff Clavin

Kelsey Grammer - Frasier Crane

Woody Harrelson - Woody Boyd

Dan Cotter - Dan

Alan Koss - Alan

Larry Harpel - Larry

Lois De Banzie - Sister Marie

Patricia Huston - Sister Catherine

Arnold F. Turner - Customer

Created by Glen Charles, Les Charles, James Burrows


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