Cbeebies Live Panto Strictly Cinderella 2011

What's your review of the Cbeebies live Strictly Cinderella panto from 2011? #Cbeebies #Panto #CbeebiesPanto I'd love to know your review and reaction. Scroll down for more information, or head to IMDb or Wikipedia!


Description from the Cbeebies site: "Cinderella gets the Strictly treatment as the CBeebies stars take to the stage to perform a pantomime. Cinderella lives with her father, Baron Hardup. They are very poor and can't afford a TV to watch the dancing. At the palace, Prince Charming has everything apart from rhythm! The judges on the TV show give Prince Charming the lowest score ever, so he decides to quit. But a chance meeting with a girl collecting firewood changes everything. Will Cinderella go to the royal ball, and will she find her Prince Charming before the clock strikes midnight?" (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b018jp4d)

Cbeebies Pantomime on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2229069/

Director: Helen Sheppard

Writer: Paul Shuttleworth

Katrina Bryan Cinderella

Alex Winters Prince Charming

Chris Jarvis Baron Hardup

Pui Fan Lee Baroness Bossynova

Justin Fletcher Tumbleina

Phil Gallagher Makerana

Sid Sloane Dandini

Katy Ashworth Katy the Cook

Ben Faulks Buttons Bloom

Emma Fan Lee

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