Catherine Tate's Hard Cell First Episode and Series Ending Explained

What's your review of the Hard Cell first episode (S01E01)? The show was created by Catherine Tate, and is set in the fictitious women's prison HMP Woldsley. It stars Catherine Tate, Cheryl Fergison, Donna Preston, Christian Brassington, NikyWardley, Lorna Brown, and more.

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About Catherine Tate's Hard Cell

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Hard Cell plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Catherine Tate - Ange, Marco, Laura, Ros, Big Viv, and Anne-Marie

Donna Preston - Fat Pat

Christian Brassington - Dean

Niky Wardley - Anastasia

Cheryl Fergison - Cheryl

Lorna Brown - Cal

Peter Singh - Gary

Duncan Wisbey - Martin

Caroline Harding - Sal

Stacey Guthrie - Thick As Shit Jean

Lisa Davina Phillip - Pat Pat

Irene Alano - Suds

Catherine Morris - Sian

Jola Olajide - Charlee

Edie Newman - Blind Sally

Suzie Chard - No Hat Cathy

Del Mak- Tom

Dystin Johnson - Vicki

Daniel Hawksford - Ioan

Dimeji Ewuoso - Delivery Guy

Rachael Hilton - Nurse Alison

Jumoke Fashola - Mama Dede

Rico Morris - Pat Pat's Visitor

Anastasia Zabarchuk - Visitor

Series Directed by:

James Kayler

Catherine Tate

Series Writing Credits

Alex Carter

Catherine Tate

Niky Wardley