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What's your review of the 1998 Casper the Friendly Ghost film Casper Meets Wendy? It's directed by Sean McNamara, and stars Hilary Duff, Shelley Duvall, and Cathy Moriarty. #Casper #CasperMeetsWendy #HilaryDuff Do you want to watch Casper Meets Wendy? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!


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Casper Meets Wendy plot from IMDb: "Casper, a ghost, teams up with Wendy, a witch, against an evil warlock."

Casper Meets Wendy trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Sean McNamara

Produced by Mike Elliott

Written by Jymn Magon

Based onbn Casper the Friendly Ghost by Seymour Reit, Joe Oriolo, Wendy the Good Little Witch by Steve Mufatti (artist)

Music by Udi Harpaz

Cinematography: Christian Sebaldt

Edited by John Gilbert

Production companies: The Harvey Entertainment Company, Saban Entertainment, Brookwell McNamara Entertainment

Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date: September 22, 1998

Running time: 94 minutes

Budget: $6.4 million

Cast and Characters:

Hilary Duff as Wendy the Good Little Witch

Cathy Moriarty as Gert

Shelley Duvall as Gabby

Teri Garr as Fanny

George Hamilton as Desmond Spellman

Richard Moll as Jules

Vincent Schiavelli as Vincent

Pauly Shore as The Oracle

Blake Foster as Josh Jackman

Logan Robbins as Logan

Michael McDonald as Spike-Stretch

Travis McKenna as Phil-Fatso

Patrick Richwood as Vinne-Stinkie


Jeremy Foley as Casper the Friendly Ghost

Jim Ward as Stretch

Bill Farmer as Stinkie

Jess Harnell as Fatso


Rodger Halston as Larry Tullby

Alan Thicke as Baseball Announcer

Casper Van Dien as Crewcut Hunk

Billy Burnette as Chef

Maria Ford as Playmate (Fanny)

Jim Jackman as Jerry Jackman

Sheila Travis as Jean Jackman

Clay Crosby as Honeycakes

Tamie Lea Logan as Squeekums (Credited as Tami Logan)

Ramsey Krull as Newsboy

Paul Di Franco as Spectator (Credited as Paul di Franco)

Howie Gold as Agitated Fan

Charles Moore as Amazed Fan

Emily Jennifer Grunfeld as Pretty Fan

Manny Fernandez as Handsome Fan

Michael Spagnoli as Panicked Fan

Jim Wise as Hungry Fan

Ricky Luna as Catcher

John Rizzi as Cubana Boy

Sebastian Hitzig as Desk Clerk

Patricia Elliott as Snotty Woman (Credited as Pat Elliot)

Sue Ellen Enright as Maid

Cecile Krevoy as Snooty Lady

Rodman Flender as Agile Dancer

Michelle Marie as Rockin' Dancer

Lisa Salazar as Smart Dancer

Elizabeth Gage as Swift Dancer

Karen Welch as Spinning Dancer

Rick Dean as Table Occupant

Lacey Taylor Robbins as Kim

Larry Robbins as Boogie-Lovin' Dude