Casper 1995 Film | Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci, Cathy Moriarty

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Casper plot from IMDb: "An afterlife therapist and his daughter meet a friendly young ghost when they move into a crumbling mansion in order to rid the premises of wicked spirits."

Casper trailer on IMDb:

Directed by Brad Silberling

Produced by Colin Wilson

Screenplay by Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver

Based on Casper the Friendly Ghost by Seymour Reit, Joe Oriolo

Music by James Horner

Cinematography: Dean Cundey

Edited by Michael Kahn

Production companies: Amblin Entertainment. The Harvey Entertainment Company

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release date: May 26, 1995

Running time: 101 minutes

Budget: $55 million

Box office: $287.9 million

Cast and Characters:

Malachi Pearson as the voice of Casper McFadde

Devon Sawa as Casper McFadden (human form)

Christina Ricci as Kathleen "Kat" Harvey

Bill Pullman as Dr. James Harvey, Kat's father

Joe Nipote as the voice of Stretch

Joe Alaskey as the voice of Stinkie

Brad Garrett as the voice of Fatso

Cathy Moriarty as Catherine "Carrigan" Crittenden

Eric Idle as Paul "Dibs" Plutzker, Carrigan's attorney.

Garette Ratliff Henson as Vic DePhillippi

Jessica Wesson as Amber Whitmire

Amy Brenneman as Amelia Harvey

Ben Stein as Rugg

Chauncey Leopardi and Spencer Vrooman as Nicky and Andreas

Wesley Thompson as Mr Curtis. Kat

Michael McCarty as Drunk In Bar


Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci

Dan Aykroyd as Ray Stantz

Fred Rogers

Terry Murphy

Clint Eastwood

Rodney Dangerfield

Mel Gibson

John Kassir as the Crypt Keeper (voice)

Brock Winkless performed the puppetry for the Crypt Keeper in the film

Steven Spielberg (deleted scenes)

Jess Harnell as the voice of Arnold