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Bob the Builder Theme Song + Episodes Chat | Can We Fix It?

What's your review of the Bob the Builder theme song and episodes? Can we fix it? Yes we can!

#BobtheBuilder #Cbeebies #CanWeFixIt Do you have fond memories of the nostalgic kids’ show? It’s still popular today, and I’d love to know your favourite episodes, stories, and characters! Scroll down for more information.


Created by Keith Chapman

Theme music composer: Paul K. Joyce

Theme song intro lyrics: “Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Scoop, Muck and Dizzy, and Rolly too. Lofty and Wendy join the crew! Bob and the gang have so much fun. Working together, they get the job done. Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Pilchard and Bird, Travis and Spud! Playing together like good friends should. Bob the Builder”

Series: 19

Episodes: 250

Executive Producer: Kate Fawkes, Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Peter Curtis

Producer: Jackie Cockle

Editor Alex McNeel

Aired on: Nick Jr, Cbeebies, PBS Kids, Channel 5, BBC

Other series: Project Build It, Ready Steady Build

Voice actors: Neil Morrissey, Rob Rackstraw, Kate Harbour, Rupert Degas, Colin McFarlane, Maria Darling, Emma Tate, Richard Briers, June Whitfield, and Wayne Forester.

Merchandise includes partnerships with Lego Duplo/Explorer, Hasbro, Learning Curve, Character World, and more! There have also been video games, bedding, toys, action figures, clothing, theme park rides, DVDs, books, and so much more!

Celebrity guest voices: John Motson, Sue Barker, Kerry Fox, Ulrika Jonsson, Alison Steadman, Stephen Tompkinson, Elton John, Noddy Holder, and Chris Evans (Bobsville's resident rock star Lennie Lazenby).


Dorothy Bob's Mother

Robert Bob's Dad

Mrs Broadbent a Bobsville resident

Bill Beasley

Barbara Bentley

Farmer Percy Pickles

Mr Dixon the Postman

Jeremy Ellis



Mrs Percival the School headteacher

Mrs Potts

Angelo Sabatini



Pilchard the cat



Finn the goldfish

Tommy the tortoise

Hamish the parrot

Squawk the crow

Humpty the pig

Construction vehicles:

Scoop a backhoe loade

Muck a tracked dumper

Lofty a mobile crane

Dizzy a tilting drum cement mixer

Roley a steamroller

Other vehicles:

Travis a tractor

Naughty Spud


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