Big Daddy 1999 Film | Adam Sandler, Cole + Dylan Sprouse

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): 老爸向前冲

Big Daddy plot from IMDb: "A lazy law school grad adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but everything doesn't go as planned and he becomes the unlikely foster father."

The Big Daddy trailer can be found on YouTube.

Directed by Dennis Dugan

Produced by Sid Ganis, Jack Giarraputo

Screenplay by Steve Franks, Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler

Story by Steve Franks

Music by Teddy Castellucci

Cinematography: Theo van de Sande

Edited by Jeff Gourson

Production companies: Columbia Pictures, Out of the Blue... Entertainment, Jack Giarraputo Productions

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing

Release date: June 25, 1999

Running time: 103 minutes

Budget: $34.2 million

Box office: $234.8 million

Cast and Characters:

Adam Sandler as Sonny Koufax, a guy who works as a toll booth, a friend and guardian to Julian and Layla's boyfriend.

Joey Lauren Adams as Layla Maloney, a lawyer, the older sister of Corrine and Sonny's girlfriend.

Jon Stewart as Kevin Gerrity, Sonny's roommate and the biological father of Julian.

Leslie Mann as Corinne Maloney, Kevin's girlfriend, Layla's younger sister and Julian's stepmother.

Rob Schneider as Nazo: The delivery guy from Cozy's and Sonny's best friend.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath

Jonathan Loughran as Mike

Allen Covert as Phil D'Amato

Peter Dante as Tommy Grayton

Kristy Swanson as Vanessa

Joseph Bologna as Lenny Koufax

Steve Buscemi as homeless guy

Josh Mostel as Arthur Brooks

Edmund Lyndeck as Mr. Herlihy

Geoffrey Horne as Sid

Jackie Sandler as waitress

Helen Lloyd Breed as Ms. Foote

Chloé Hult as teacher

Jared Sandler as Jared

Jillian Sandler as Jillian

Carmen De Lavallade as judge

Steven Brill as Castellucci

(Descriptions from Wikipedia: