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Barney's Colorful World 2004 Barney and Friends Special | Barney the Dinosaur

What's your review of the 2004 Barney and Friends Barney the Dinosaur special Barney's Colorful World?

#Barney #BarneyandFriends #BarneytheDinosaur Do you want to watch Barney's Colorful World? Did you enjoy the full special film or just parts of it?

About Barney and Friends Barney's Colorful World 2004

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Barney's Colorful World plot from IMDb:

Cast and Characters:

Dean Wendt - Barney (voice)

Patrick McAlister - Barney

Rick Starkweather - Barney

Julie Johnson - Baby Bop (voice)

Jennifer Kendal - Baby Bop

Matthew N. Myers - Baby Bop

Patty Wirtz - BJ (voice)

Jarred Harris - BJ

David Kendal - BJ

Alex Collins - Donny

Alexis Acosta - Gina

Blake Garrett - Mike

Tory Green - Sarah

Daven Wilson - Jackson

Julia Nicholson - Laura

Alyssa Franks - Stacy

Barney's Colorful World songs include: If You're Happy and You Know It, If All the Raindrops, the Wheels On the Bus, the Baby Bop Hop, Mister Sun, BINGO, Castles So High, and more. View the full list:!


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