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Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound 1997 Barney and Friends Special | Barney the Dinosaur

What's your review of the 1997 Barney and Friends Barney the Dinosaur special Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound (or Barney's Outdoor Fun!)?

#Barney #BarneyandFriends #BarneytheDinosaur Do you want to watch Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound? Did you enjoy the full special film or just parts of it?

About Barney and Friends Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound 1997

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Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound plot from IMDb:

Director: Fred Holmes

Cast and Characters:

Bob West - Barney (voice)

David Joyner - Barney

Julie Johnson - Baby Bop (voice)

Jeff Ayers - Baby Bop

Patty Wirtz - BJ (voice)

Jeff Brooks - BJ

Lucien Douglas - Chip

Chase Gallatin - Stephen

Marisa Kuers - Hannah

Danielle Vega - Kim

Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound was originally released on VHS.

Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound songs include the Noble Duke of York, Row Row Row Your Boat, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, London Bridge, BINGO, and more. View the full list:

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