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Barney's Big Surprise 1998 Barney and Friends Special | Barney the Dinosaur

What's your review of the 1998 Barney and Friends Barney the Dinosaur special Barney's Big Surprise?

#Barney #BarneyandFriends #BarneytheDinosaur Do you want to watch Barney's Big Surprise? Did you enjoy the full special film or just parts of it?

About Barney and Friends Barney's Big Surprise 1998

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Barney's Big Surprise plot from IMDb:

Cast and Characters:

Bob West - Barney (voice)

Carey Stinson - Barney (body)

Josh Martin - Barney (body)

Julie Johnson - Baby Bop (voice)

Lee Clark - Baby Bop (body)

Jennifer Romano - Baby Bop (body)

Patty Wirtz - BJ (voice)

Pat O'Connell - BJ (body)

Kyle Nelson - BJ (body)

Trent Gentry - Tony

Vanessa Lauren - Rachel

Mallory Lineberger - Cindy

Brandt Love - Kevin

Michelle McCarel - Mother Goose

Dewayne Hambrick - Old King Cole

Barney's Big Surprise songs include: the Baby Bop Hop, the Rainbow Song, If All the Raindrops, Happy Birthday to You, and more. View the full list:


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