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What's your review of the Arthur first episode Francine's Bad Hair Day (S01E02)? It's directed by Greg Bailey, and is based on the book characters by Marc Brown.

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About Arthur S01E01 Francine's Bad Hair Day

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Francine's Bad Hair Day plot from IMDb: "Francine doesn't care that it's school picture day, but Muffy thinks that she can change Francine's mind and her looks. So Muffy advises Francine to wear a dress and to get her hair styled. But when Arthur and Buster see Francine's new look, they make fun of her."

The trailer can be found online.

Episode Voice Cast and Characters:

Michael Yarmush - Arthur Timothy Read

Michael Caloz - Dora Winifred Read

Bruce Dinsmore - David Read / Binky Barnes

Sonja Ball - Jane Read / Dr. Iris

Daniel Brochu - Buster Baxter

Jodie Resther - Francine Alice Frensky

Melissa Altro - Mary Alice Crosswire

Luke Reid Brandon - Alan Powers

Arthur Holden - Emil Nigel Ratburn III / Bionic Bunny (Wilbur Rabbit)

Tamar Kozlov - Prunella Deegan

Patricia Rodriguez - Sue Ellen Armstrong

Walter Massey - Principal Herbert Haney / Mr. Marco

Joanna Noyes - Grandma Thora Read

A.J. Henderson - Grandpa Dave / Ed Crosswire

Bronwen Mantel - Mrs. Sarah MacGrady

Holly Gauthier-Frankel - Fern Walters

Kate Hutchison - Paige Turner

Vanessa Lengies - Emily

Hayley Reynolds - Nadine

J.T. Turner - Narrator

Mark Camacho - Oliver Frensky

Hugh Guiney - Self

Jane Woods - Laverne Frensky