April In Paris 1952 Film | Doris Day + Ray Bolger

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd):

Plot from IMDb: "A series of misunderstandings leads to a chorus girl traveling to Paris to represent the American theater, where she falls in love with a befuddled bureaucrat."

Directed by David Butler

Produced by William Jacobs

Written by Jack Rose

Cast and Characters:

Doris Day Ethel S. 'Dynamite' Jackson

Ray Bolger S. 'Sam' Winthrop Putnam

Claude Dauphin Philippe Fouquet

Eve Miller Marcia Sherman

George Givot François

Paul Harvey Secretary Robert Sherman

Herbert Farjeon Joshua Stevens

Wilson Millar Sinclair Wilson

Raymond Largay Joseph Welmar

John Alvin Tracy

Jack Lomas Cab Driver

Music by Vernon Duke, LeRoy Prinz

Cinematography: Wilfred M. Cline

Edited by Irene Morra

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Release date: December 24, 1952

Running the: 94 minutes

Box office: $2.75 million (US)