Anarchy TV 1998 Film | Jonathan Penner, Jessica Hecht, Matt Winston

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Anarchy TV plot from IMDb: "An outraged reverend buys a public access station that specializes in what he considers p*rnographic broadcasting (shows include "Conspiracy Of The Week" and "Eat Me" all on Channel 69) ran by his daughter and her friends. The teens seize the station, however and seek public support for their efforts. However, when no one seems to be paying attention they start an all nude broadcast that gets them national exposure."

The Anarchy TV trailer can be found online.

Directed by Jonathan Blank

Produced by Jonathan Blank

Written by Jonathan Blank, Philip Craft, Jonah Loeb

Music by Philip Foxman, Mark Sterling

Cinematography: Robert Bennett, Rudy M. Fenenga Jr.

Edited by Kevin Borque, Clayton Halsey

Distributed by The Asylum

Release date: January 31, 1998

Running time: 87 minutes

Cast and Characters:

Jonathan Penner Jerry

Jessica Hecht Natalie

Matt Winston Frank

Dweezil Zappa Sid

Moon Unit Zappa Katie (as Moon Zappa)

Albert Hall Bobby

Alan Thicke Reverend Wright

Tamayo Otsuki Tiffany

George Wendt Abbey Archer

Tommy Hinkley Ralph Greed

Carlos Carrasco Clarence

George Murdock Chief Cochon

Mink Stole Ms. Dickman

Jack Wallace Mr. Harris

Edith Varon Mrs. Harris