Alice's Wild West Show 1924 Disney Alice Comedies Short Film

What's your review of the 1924 Disney Alice Comedies short film Alice's Wild West Show? It's directed by Walt Disney and stars Virginia Davis. #AlicesWildWestShow #AliceComedies #WaltDisney Do you want to watch Alice's Wild West Show? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Alice's Wild West Show

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Alice's Wild West Show plot from IMDb: "Alice and her friends put on a show. After a brief overture, act one: A saloon; Alice enters, and shoots down two bad guys. Tubby O'Brien and his gang then enter the audience; Alice's cast leaves out of fear. Alice decides to tell stories of her wild west adventures, and we finally get two brief animated sequences: Alice riding atop a stagecoach, shooting at Indians, and Alice as Sheriff, taking care of a bad guy who steals a safe. The overall feel is much more like an Our Gang short than the rest of the Alice series."

Cast and characters:

Virginia Davis as Alice

Tommy Hicks as Tubby O'Brien

Directed by Walt Disney

Produced by M. J. Winkler

Editor: M. J. Winkler

Studio: Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

Distributor: Winkler Pictures

Released: May 1, 1924

Running time: 12:42