Air Mater 2011 Disney Pixar Cars Toon Animated Short Film

What's your review of the 2011 Disney Pixar Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales animated short film Air Mater? It stars Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of Mater.

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About Air Mater

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Cars Toon - Cricchetto pilota con brevetto, Pixar Shorts - Air Mater, Martin lentonäytös, Mater's Tall Tales: Air Mater, Cars Toons: Hooks unglaubliche Geschichten - Hook hebt ab, Cars Toon - Air Martin, Cars Toon: Air Mater, Burák v oblacích, Cars Toons Air Mater

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Air Mater plot from IMDb:

Cast and Characters:

Larry the Cable Guy: Mater

Keith Ferguson: Lightning McQueen

Stacy Keach): Skipper

Jonathan Adams: Judge Davis

Lindsey Collins: Mia

Elissa Knight: Tia

Jan Rabson

Lori Alan - Blue Hawk

John Cygan - Green Hawk

Paul Eiding - Red Hawk

Bob Bergen - Black Hawk

Danny Mann - Sparky

Directed by: Rob Gibbs

Written by: John Lasseter, Rob Gibbs, Jim Capobianco, Daniel Chong, Valerie LaPointe