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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Ace Ventura, Эйс Вентура, Ace Ventura - Den galopperande detektiven, Ace Ventura: Zvířecí detektiv, Ace Ventura (1) : Mène l'enquête, Ace Ventura, détective pour chiens et chats

Directed by Tom Shadyac

Produced by James G. Robinson

Screenplay by Jack Bernstein, Tom Shadyac, Jim Carrey

Story by Jack Bernstein

Starring Jim Carrey, Sean Young, Courteney Cox, Tone Loc, Dan Marino

Music by Ira Newborn

Cinematography: Julio Macat

Edited by Don Zimmerman

Production company: Morgan Creek Productions

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Release date: February 4, 1994

Running time: 86 minutes

Budget: $15 million

Box office: $107.2 million

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Plot from Wikipedia: “Ace Ventura is an eccentric, very unorthodox Miami-based private detective who specializes in retrieving tame or captive animals. He struggles to pay his rent, and is often mocked by the Miami Police Department, led by Lieutenant Lois Einhorn, who finds Ventura insufferable. Two weeks before the Miami Dolphins are to play in the Super Bowl, their mascot, a bottlenose dolphin named Snowflake, is kidnapped. Melissa Robinson, the Dolphins’ chief publicist, hires Ventura to find Snowflake.”

Ace Ventura Cast and Characters

Jim Carrey Ace Ventura

Courteney Cox Melissa Robinson

Sean Young Lt. Lois Einhorn

Tone Loc Emilio (as Tone Lõc)

Dan Marino Dan Marino

Noble Willingham Riddle

Troy Evans Roger Podacter

Raynor Scheine Woodstock

Udo Kier Ron Camp

Frank Adonis Vinnie

Tiny Ron Roc

David Margulies Doctor

John Capodice Sgt. Aguado

Judy Clayton Martha Mertz

Bill Zuckert Mr. Finkle

Alice Drummond Mrs. Finkle

Rebecca Ferratti Sexy Woman

Mark Margolis Mr. Shickadance

Antoni Corone Reporter #1

Margo Peace Reporter #2

Randall 'Tex' Cobb Gruff Man

Henry Landivar Burnout

Florence Mistrot Neighbor

Robert Ferrell Carlson

Will Knickerbocker Manager

Gary Munch Director

Terry Miller Assistant Director

John Archie Reporter #3

Cristina Karman Reporter #4

Tom Wahl Reporter #5

Herbert Goldstein Crazy Guy

Chaz Mena Another Cop

Manuel L. García Dolphin Trainer

Don Shula

Scott Mitchell

Peter Stoyanovich Peter Stoyanovich

Dwight Stephenson Miami Dolphin

Jeff Uhlenhake Miami Dolphin

Jeff Dellenbach Jeff Dellenbach

Marco Coleman

Kim Bokamper

Jeff Cross Miami Dolphin Team Player

Chris Barnes Thrasher Band 'Cannibal Corpses

Alex Webster

Paul Mazurkiewicz Jr

Jack Owen

Robert Barrett

Bubba Baker Toothless Giant

Nick Bass Baby

Binx Spike

Vince Cecere Stadium Vendor

Robert Deacon Redneck #1

Greg Finley Mascot

Cassidy McMillan Nurse's Assistant

Bill Pearlman Miami Dolphin Team Player #54

Dominic Jack Pizzo Sr. Football Player

Michelle Russo Fan Catching Football

Jimmy Star Stadium Vendor

Laird Stuart Superbowl Referee

Produced by Gary Barber, Peter Bogart, Bob Israel, James G. Robinson

Music by Ira Newborn

Cinematography by Julio Macat

Film Editing by Don Zimmerman

Casting By Mary Jo Slater

Production Design by William A. Elliott

Art Direction by Alan E. Muraoka

Set Decoration by Scott Jacobson

Costume Design by Bobbie Read