A Stranger to Love 1996 Film | Pam Dawber + Beau Bridges

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Journey Home

A Stranger to Love plot from IMDb: "Alan is a normal middleaged man with a wife and two kids. One night he is attacked and loses his memory. His family believes that he is dead when a dead body is found in the river."

The A Stranger to Love trailer can be found online.

Director: Peter Levin

Writer: Richard Leder

Cast and Characters:

Beau Bridges Allan Grant / Allan Grey

Pam Dawber Andie

Tess Harper Linda Grant

Erik von Detten Justin (as Erik Von Detten)

Lyman Ward Handley

Ernie Lively Capt. Simpson

Dave Florek Dr. Friedland

Currie Graham Jimmy

Dylan Bridges Chris

Jordan Bridges Paul

Michael 'Mickey' Scruggs Danny

Mark DeMichele Ruben

Joseph Rassulo Kallen (as Joe Rassulo)

Claude File Bradley

Susan Dow Karen