A California Christmas: City Lights 2021 Netflix Film Sequel

What's your review of the 2021 Netflix film sequel A California Christmas: City Lights? It's directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino, and stars Lauren Swickard and Josh Swickard. #ACaliforniaChristmas #CityLights #Netflix Do you want to watch A California Christmas 2? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About the Second A California Christmas Film

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Un Noel en Californie 2

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A California Christmas: City Lights plot from IMDb: "Sequel to "A California Christmas". Follows Callie and Joseph one year after they fell in love, now running a dairy farm and winery, but their romance is threatened when business and family obligations call Joseph back to the city."

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Lauren Swickard - Callie

Josh Swickard - Joseph

Ali Afshar - Leo

David Del Rio - Manny

Natalia Mann - Hannah

Raquel Dominguez - Brandy

Laura James - Victoria

Noah James - Owen

Katelyn Epperly - Liz

Gunnar Anderson - Connor

Amanda Detmer - Wendy

Derrica Barbee - Derrica

Bethany Walls - Ainsley 'Mother Mary'

Julie Lancaster - Ms. Van Aston

Kane Lim - Kane Kim

Riley Dandy - Tiffany

Daniel Booko - Kirk

Shaun Paul Piccinino - Veterinarian (as Shaun Piccinino)

Will Dao - Harry

Rayana Ragan - Gina

Johnny Afshar Johnny Afshar ...


Tony Panterra - Rogelio

James Markham Hall Jr - Jaren

Emelia Hartford - Lindsey (as Emilia Hartford)

Elise Berggreen - Lily

Lance Alberti - Partygoer (uncredited)

Cindy Wade Kelly - Homeless Woman (uncredited)