8 Ball Bunny 1950 Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Cartoon Short Film

What's your review of the 1950 Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoon short film 8 Ball Bunny? It's directed by Chuck Jones, and stars Mel Blanc as the voice of Bugs Bunny.

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About 8 Ball Bunny

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Bugs en Dalibos

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8 Ball Bunny plot from IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0042177/

Cast and Characters:

Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny

Directed by Charles M. Jones

Story by Michael Maltese

Produced by Edward Selzer

Music by Carl Stalling

Animation: Phil Monroe, Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughan, Ken Harris, Emery Hawkins, Richard Thompson

Layouts by Peter Alvarado

Backgrounds by Peter Alvarado

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date: July 8, 1950