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A Visit to Virginia Woolf's Monk's House, Rodmell

Updated: Mar 13

Today I shame myself as a writer, for I am entirely at a loss for words. I recently headed down to Rodmell, Lewes, to Monk's House, the National Trust property that was once home to Virginia and Leonard Woolf. Considering I'm madly in love with Virginia Woolf, this was a big deal for me, and, quite frankly, a dream come true.

Part of me wishes to write endlessly about the architecture, about Virginia's bedroom, about the very literal headstones marking the plot where her ashes were buried. On the other hand, I'm keen to keep a lot of those thoughts wrapped in my own little secret world inside my head.

However, I take great delight in being able to share a small selection of some of the photos I took on my visit. I hope you enjoy them!

Amy x

The bust over Virginia's ashes

Door to Virginia's bedroom

Virginia's bedroom

Virginia's writing room

Virginia Woolf's writing desk

View from Virginia's writing hut

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