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Mystery Harry Potter + Disney Truffle Shuffle Haul! #spon

Updated: Mar 13

This is a sponsored post; these items were sent to me from Truffle Shuffle for the purposes of review.

Sometimes in life, two elements can come together to create something beyond one's wildest dreams. The two most magical realms in cinema - Disney and Harry Potter - have joined forces in this haul, and it's all thanks to fandom-based merchandise and apparel site TruffleShuffle.com!

Please note that, while the following items were sent to me for unboxing, hauling, and reviewing both on here and on my YouTube channel, my enthusiasm for these items is genuine, and I'm rather impressed with Truffle Shuffle's ability to select items that are, as it turns out, perfect for my tastes!

Alice in Wonderland Weekend Wash Bag Set

(RRP £11.99)

Just look at how pretty it is! The design of the wash bag itself is stunning, with tiny Alices and even teenier Cheshire Cats sewn into the design. The same marvel is printed on the three individual bottles on the inside each of which offering 50ml of hand cream, body lotion, and body wash.

The wash set smells of 'Ginger Pear', and it's a scent that I recognise, though where from I've got no idea! It's not too sweet, but is definitely feminine, and utterly delightful. A pink body puff is included, and each of the three bottles is individually wrapped, making it a gorgeous gift idea.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Heat-Changing Mug

(RRP £9.99)

I've had my eye on the magical Marauder's Map mug for quite some time, so I'm thrilled that it's finally in my life. And yes, I tested it out immediately, and can confirm that it's magical. Check out the video below it see it in action!

Truffle Shuffle actually sell a wide range of heat-changing mugs, including this Dark Mark one that looks a bit perfect..

Disney Women's Black Castle T-Shirt

(RRP £14.99)

For one who lives in black clothing, finding Disney apparel that is both feminine and dark is near impossible. Truffle Shuffle have now proved to me that it is not quite impossible, as is suggested by this beautiful Disney Princess castle shirt.

The combination of the black shirt with the pink castle and silvery magic provides a t-shirt that is fun and elegant without being too girlie, ideal for those of us who embrace pink without wishing to banish the darkness...

Harry Potter Free Dobby! Book Tote Bag

(RRP £11.99)

I love Harry Potter. I love books. I love book bags. What could be more adorable than a Free Dobby! book bag? This one is thick and well constructed, and even features a press-stud closure and a zipped pocket on the inside!

Not only will the bag enable items to be carried with a significantly reduced risk of everything tumbling out at what would no doubt be the most inconvenient moment but it also looks incredibly adorable. Long live Dobby the House Elf!

If you wish to check out Truffle Shuffle's rather impressive range of fandom merch and movie apparel, head to the links below. I feel like they're UK fandom store we've been waiting for...


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You can also see my excited face as I unbox the items on camera for the first time:

If you do end up buying anything from Truffle Shuffle (warning: it's addictive; there's so much to choose from!), do drop me a tweet with images of your purchases. I'd love to see what you went for!

Amy x

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