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My Latest Novel Death of the English Rose is out now!

Updated: Mar 13

Happy 26th May, the release date for my fifth book - and fourth novel - Death of the English Rose!

This is the second book in the Hallow series, following on from Hallow Be Thy Name. The novel can be purchased in both paperback and ebook internationally from Amazon sites. It's also on Goodreads, so do feel free to mark it as 'to read', and drop it a rating once you've made up your mind about its worth!

You can find it on AMAZON UK in paperback and ebook, and on AMAZON US in paperback and ebook too!

You can find out more about my cover designer at Creative Covers.

Death of the English Rose Blurb

Ellen Briar-Woods is on the cusp of womanhood. She has her whole life ahead of her, but she struggles to find any pleasure in her future. She has always felt like a part of her is missing.

When she is cast as Ophelia in a local production of Hamlet, she meets Daphne Loren, a forty-something married actress bored with her own lonely existence. Besotted with this older woman, Ellen confides in Daphne, and quickly becomes obsessed with the actress as she blurs the distinction between love and lust.

Thirty years later, Ellen's sister Pamela visits Lucy Hallow, a spiritual messenger in Hampstead. Three decades have passed since Ellen's suicide, but Pamela is still convinced that not everything was as straightforward as her family believed. With Lucy's help, and the support of the Spiritworld, the time has finally arrived for Ellen to share the truth about her demise.

Death of the English Rose is the second book in the Hallow series.

Amy x

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