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Updated: Mar 13

So, unlike my previous works, my next book is not actually a novel. It's a collection of thirteen short stories.

And it's called...

Robin Mutt: The Haunted Clown (13 Tales of Death)

The collection will be released on 21st November 2016. It's available for pre-order on eBook now for £2.99 from Amazon UK, and is similarly priced on international Amazon websites. The paperback will also be available for £4.99 from Amazon UK, and, again, for a similar price on other Amazon sites.


Carpe diem, seize the day! Life is to be enjoyed. But with every life also comes a death. Is it possible to enjoy death too?

This collection of thirteen short stories explores dying, death, and the dead – occasionally sensibly, but mostly playfully.

Find Robin Mutt online:

Amazon UK (ebook)

Amazon UK (paperback)

Amazon US (ebook)

Amazon US (paperback)

The titles of the short stories (watch this space for further descriptions and teasers!):

The Batshit


Memento Mori

Of Rat Hearts and Thunderstorms

The Fasting Girl

Hide Not Skeleton Love


Business as Usual


Robin Mutt: The Haunted Clown

The Girl in the Well

Organs Suckled to Inorganic Demise

Nation Alien

You can also find out more about the collection in the video below:

The cover was designed by Creative Covers: http://www.ccovers.co.uk

You can find information about my other works on Amazon UK here.

Click for my author page on Goodreads.

Amy x

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