13 Going on 30 2004 Film | Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo

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13 Going on 30 plot from IMDb: "A girl makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday, and wakes up the next day as a thirty-year-old woman."

13 Going on 30 trailer on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337563/

Directed by Gary Winick

Produced by Susan Arnold, Donna Arkoff Roth, Gina Matthews

Screenplay by Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith

Story by Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith

Music by Theodore Shapiro

Cinematography: Don Burgess

Edited by Susan Littenberg

Production companies: Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing

Release date: April 23, 2004

Running time: 98 minutes

Budget: $37 million

Box office: $96.5 million

Cast and Characters:

Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink

Christa B. Allen as young Jenna Rink

Mark Ruffalo as Matt Flamhaff

Sean Marquette as young Matt "Matty" Flamhaff

Judy Greer as Lucy "Tom-Tom" Wyman

Alexandra Kyle as young Lucy Wyman

Andy Serkis as Richard Kneeland

Kathy Baker as Beverly Rink

Phil Reeves as Wayne Rink

Lynn Collins as Wendy

Samuel Ball as Alex Carlson

Marcia DeBonis as Arlene

Kiersten Warren as Trish Sackett

Ashley Benson as Six Chick

Brittany Curran as Six Chick

Brie Larson as Six Chick

Megan Lusk as Six Chick

Julia Roth as Six Chick

Renee Olstead as Becky

Gia Mantegna as Gina