12 In a Box 2007 Comedy Film | Miranda Hart | John McKenzie

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12 In a Box plot from IMDb: "At a school reunion dinner in a remote country mansion, a dozen people are offered the chance to collect a million pounds each if they can stay on the estate, cut off from the outside world, for 96 hours. With deaths, sexual intrigue, kidnapping, and spiraling levels of farce and confusion, the action barely pauses for breath as it heads towards its "Will they or won't they succeed" climax."

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Directed by John McKenzie

Produced by Bruce Windwood

Written by John McKenzie

Production company: Masses Entertainment

Distributed by Cinevolve

Release date: September 2007 (Zurich)

Running time: 93 minutes

Cast and Characters:

Ed Bennett PC Willis

David Burrows-Sutcliffe Sgt Porter

Robert Cargill Alan Hayward

Lucy Chalkley Samantha

Gareth Clarke Simon

Kenneth Collard Barry

Ian Groombridge Darren

Miranda Hart Rachel

Robert Hines Gary

Belle Mary Hithersay Alice (as Belle Hithersay)

Anjella Mackintosh Shirley

Jane Mcdowell Julie

Brian Mitchell Brian

Glynne Steele Adam

Phoebe Sweeney Tina

Clare Welch Martha

Geoffrey Wildey Butler

Paul Williamson Bill

Katy Wix Andrea