12 Days of Giving 2017 Christmas Film

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12 Days of Giving plot from IMDb: "After winning a $50,000 prize, a man decides to pay things forward by buying Christmas gifts for strangers under the pseudonym, Lucky the Elf."

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Le Noël du coeur, Wonderful Dream - Ein Vater zu Weihnachten

The 12 Days of Giving trailer can be found on YouTube.

Director: Christine Conradt

Writer: Christine Conradt

Cast and Characters:

Ashley Jones Pamela

David Blue Baxter

Jax Connolly Westin

Preston James Hillier Toby

Melanie Recker Audrey

Paul Boesing Marvin

Scott Crouse Darryl

Linda Cutts Mrs. Foster

Mary Douglass Judy

Tricia Nangkal Amanda Shen

Meagan Flynn Lydia

Walter Coppage Mr. Garrett

Heidi Melcher Mrs. Wilson

Delaney Driscoll Waitress

Madeline Peters Bartender