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Good Friday spent partly in one of my favourite places
Only three days to go until ROBIN MUTT_ THE HAUNTED CLOWN (13 TALES OF DEATH) is released in paperba
Drinking, inking, and thinking! Only a few signed and dedicated copies of my second and third novels
For those who missed my cover reveal, here's a look at my next book_ ROBIN MUTT_ THE HAUNTED CLOWN (
Coffee and Write at Ginger and White! This is my first succesful al fresco writing of the year
ICYMI, here's the cover for my latest novel! DEATH OF THE ENGLISH ROSE, the second novel in the Hall


Hello! Welcome to my website!

I'm an author, film reviewer, and freelance editor of the written word.

Feel free to have a browse around my site. If you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact me, either via email or social media. I'm always around!


With love,

Amy x

Amy McLean - Author and Movie Reviewer
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