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Books by author and film reviewer Amy McLean:


The Thorn That Wilts the Bloom 

Thirty years after a childhood trauma, Vita Colefax is planning the wedding of her dreams. She soon realises that she can’t marry into another family until she learns the secrets of her own broken past. 

With the assistance of Detective Inspector Ollie Chapman, Vita digs deep into her forgotten memories to unveil the truth about her elusive identity. 


What she discovers is more disturbing than she ever could have imagined.  

We Are Lucifer 

In a peaceful thicket of Hampstead Heath,a recently bequeathed house awaits a new family. For Amber Quigley, however, there is no babe in the cradle. She is incomplete without a child to nest with in her ancestral home.

Rocked by the perils of her tormented mind, Amber promises to herself that she will find a child of her own to love. Whatever it takes, no matter how daunting, she is determined to fill her rocking arms with her own baby.

As she plots to find the family she craves, Amber vows to fight against any obstacles that barricade her from her child, no matter how many lives she may destroy along the way...

Death of the English Rose by Amy McLean

Death of the English Rose 

Ellen Briar-Woods is on the cusp of womanhood. She has her whole life ahead of her, but she struggles to find any pleasure in her future. She has always felt like a part of her is missing. 

When she is cast as Ophelia in a local production of Hamlet, she meets Daphne Loren, a forty-something married actress bored with her own lonely existence. Besotted with this older woman, Ellen confides in Daphne, and quickly becomes obsessed with the actress as she blurs the distinction between love and lust.

Thirty years later, Ellen's sister Pamela visits Lucy Hallow, a spiritual messenger in Hampstead. Three decades have passed since Ellen's suicide, but Pamela is still convinced that not everything was as straightforward as her family believed. With Lucy's help, and the support of the Spiritworld, the time has finally arrived for Ellen to share the truth about her demise.

Death of the English Rose is the second book in the Hallow series.

Robin Mutt The Haunted Clown Thirteen Tales of Death

Robin Mutt: The Haunted Clown (13 Tales of Death) 

Carpe diem, seize the day! Life is to be enjoyed. But with every life also comes a death. Is it possible to enjoy death too?


This collection of thirteen short stories explores dying, death, and the dead – occasionally sensibly, but mostly playfully.

Hallow Be Thy Name

Hallow Be Thy Name 

It has been two years since Lucy Hallow first saw the spirit of her deceased

nephew, and, having come to terms with her role as Spiritual Messenger, it

is time for her to step up to the next level. Assisted by her spirit guide

Naiche, the son of a Chiricahua Apache Chief, and clairvoyant Audrey Maurice, she must open up her gift to help others. During the spiritual evenings held at Hallow House, Lucy's coffee shop in Hampstead, she meets Jennifer Healy, a young woman who has recently lost her fiancé in a road accident. 

When Lucy is introduced to a Victorian spirit named Serafina DuPont, she realises that there is a strong connection between the two lives. To discover this link, however, she must closely observe the stories that unfold around her, as not everybody is as innocent as they seem. 

Tales from 1890 and the present day become one in this journey of mysticism, betrayal, and the dead. Hallow Be Thy Name contains knowledge and insight from various historical figures. All spiritual input is provided by an authentic Spiritual Messenger.

Celestial Land and Sea

Celestial Land and Sea 

Grace Byrne finds little satisfaction in working for the Anchor news team; the only positive thing about her job is Andy. When Grace returns home from work tired and discouraged one evening, she discovers a door in her home that she's certain she has never seen before. Rife with curiosity, she opens the door and falls into an abyss, landing inside a pirate ship on Clare Island, Mayo.


Grace discovers that she must now walk in the boots Gráinne O'Malley, the notorious sixteenth-century female Irish pirate. Cast into the drama of a revolt against Queen Elizabeth I, Grace finds her courage, her lineage, and of course love.

Walk On

Walk On 

As Maggie walked down the aisle she thought she was entering a happy marriage. Over the years though, Peter's violence towards his wife has escalated. As Maggie escapes into the four walls of her mind her guardian angel steps in to help her find the right path.


Angel Ariana calls upon the past life of Balgownie's Fiona McGonnell to assist Maggie. Will it be enough to guide her though, or will Maggie's life continue to be at risk until it's too late?

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