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What Is the Message of Sweeney Todd? | Sweeney Todd FAQ

What is the message of Sweeney Todd? #SweeneyTodd #TimBurton #HelenaBonhamCarter #JohnnyDepp This is a frequently asked question from Google. Since Sweeney Todd is my all-time favourite film, I thought it would be fun to answer this here.

The two main themes, or messages, in Sweeney Todd are revenge and love.

Sweeney Todd channels the message that, to quote, “we all deserve to die.” He is definitely the film’s arbitrator of revenge.

With Mrs Lovett, we get the message of love. She is willing to go to extreme lengths to please Sweeney Todd, even if that involves putting humans into pies. We also see different representations of love with Joanna and Anthony, and also Sweeney Todd and Lucy, who was Benjamin Barker’s wife.

The messages here are that some people will go to extreme lengths to execute revenge and to get the one they love.


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