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The Great Bear Scare 1983 Animated Short Film

What's your review of the 1983 animated short film the Great Bear Scare? It's directed by Hal Mason.

#TheGreatBearScare #animatedfilm #animation #cartoon Do you want to watch the Great Bear Scare? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it?

About the Great Bear Scare 1983

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The Great Bear Scare plot from IMDb:

Director: Hal Mason

Writer: John Barrett

Cast and Characters:

Tom Smothers - Ted E. Bear

Louis Nye - Dracula

Hans Conried - Professor Werner von Bear

Sue Raney - Patti Bear

Hal Smith - Mayor C. Emory Bear

Lucille Bliss - Miss Witch

Production Companies

DimenMark International

Murakami Wolf Swenson

Rick Reinert Production


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