• Amy McLean

Relaxing Poetry Reading ASMR! Blake, Poe, Bronte, & More!

It's a relaxing poetry reading ASMR video, featuring such poets as Blake, Poe, Bronte, and many more! #ASMR #poetry #relaxing Join me as I flick through Allie Esiri's A Poem for Every Day of the Year book to pluck out some soothing (and some tongue-tying!) poems. If you like soothing poetry and relaxing poems, this may be for you! I'm always open to recommendations for poems and poets for future readings, and the list of the poems featured in this video are as follows:

Infant Joy William Blake

An Extract from Twelfth Night William Shakespeare

Life Charlotte Bronte

Sonnet To Science Edgar Allan Poe

An Extract from I Have a Dream Martin Luther King Junior

I'll Tell You How the Sun Rose Emily Dickinson

Colossal Glossary Paul Muldoon

To a Mouse Robert Burns

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.

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