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Peanuts Motion Comics S01E06 Dear Santa Claus

What's your review of the Peanuts Motion Comics series episode Dear Santa Claus (S01E06)?

#CharlieBrown #Peanuts #Snoopy Do you want to watch Peanuts Motion Comics episodes? Did you enjoy the full show or just parts of it?

About Peanuts Season 1 Episode 6 (1x06) Dear Santa Claus

Peanuts Motion Comics Dear Santa Claus on IMDb:

Series Cast and Characters:

Aiden Lewandowski as Charlie Brown

Emma Yarovinsky as Sally Brown

Bella Stine as Lucy Van Pelt,Crybaby Boobie, and Peggy Jean

Jude Perry as Linus Van Pelt

Cassidy May Benullo as Frieda, Eudora, and Lydia

Caleel Harris as Franklin

Lily Zager as Peppermint Patty" Reichardt and Molley Volley

Finn Carr as Rerun van Pelt

Taylor Autumn Bertman as Marcie and Sally Brown

Sage Correa as Pig-Pen

Daniel Thornton as Schroeder and Snoopy

Andy Beall as Woodstock

Production Companies

United Feature Syndicate (UFS)

Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates


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