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Parasite Film Review - An Oscar-Worthy Movie?!

Welcome to my Parasite film review! Do you think it's an Oscar-worthy movie? #Parasite #Oscars #blackcomedy Do you think Parasite deserved its Oscar? Did you see the trailer and then rush out to see the full movie or buy the DVD or blu ray? I’d love to know your own reviews if you saw it in the cinema or streamed it online! You can scroll down for more information, or check out the Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDb page, or Wikipedia article!

About the Parasite Movie

Hangul: 기생충

Hanja: 寄生蟲

Revised Romanization: Gisaengchung

McCune–Reischauer: Kisaengch'ung

(Okay, so I don’t know what any of that says...)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho

Produced by Kwak Sin-ae, Moon Yang-kwon, Bong Yok-cho, Jang Young-hwan

Screenplay by Bong Joon-ho, Han Jin-won

Story by Bong Joon-ho

Starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Lee Jung-eun, Jang Hye-jin

Music by Jung Jae-il

Cinematography: Hong Kyung-pyo

Edited by Yang Jin-mo

Production companies: Barunson E&A

Distributed by CJ Entertainment, Neon

Release date: 21 May 2019 (Cannes), 30 May 2019 (South Korea)

Running time: 132 minutes

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Budget: ₩13.5 billion (~US$11.4 million)

Box office: $210 million

Parasite Plot from IMDb: “A poor family, the Kims, con their way into becoming the servants of a rich family, the Parks. But their easy life gets complicated when their deception is threatened with exposure.”

Parasite Soundtrack Songs List

Opening (시작)

Conciliation I (첫번째 알선)

On the Way to the Rich House (부잣집 가는 길)

Conciliation II (두번째 알선)

Plum Juice (매실청)

Mr. Yoon and Park (윤기사와 박사장)

Conciliation III (세번째 알선)

The Belt of Faith (믿음의 벨트)

Moon-gwang Left (떠나는 문광)

Camping (야영)

The Hellgate (지옥의 문)

Heartrending Story of Bubu (부부의 사연)

Zappaguri (짜파구리)

Ghost (유령)

The Family is Busy (첫번째 동분서주)

Busy to Survive (두번째 동분서주)

The Frontal Lobe of Ki-taek (기택의 전두엽)

Water, Ocean (물바다)

Water, Ocean Again (또 물바다)

It is Sunday Morning (일요일 아침)

Blood and Sword (피와 칼)

Yasan (야산)

Moving (이사)

Ending (끝)

A Glass of Soju (소주 한 잔; performed by Choi Woo-shik)

Awards and Nomations for Parasite:

AACTA Awards

AARP's Movies for Grownups Awards

Academy Awards

African-American Film Critics Association

Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Blue Dragon Film Awards

Bodil Awards

Boston Society of Film Critics

Buil Film Awards

Busan Film Critics Awards

Cahiers du Cinema

Calgary International Film Festival

César Awards

Chunsa Film Art Awards

Cinema Writers Circle Awards

Cine 21 Film Awards

Crested Butte Film Festival

David di Donatello Awards

Detroit Film Critics Society

Dorian Awards

Fantastic Fest

Florida Film Critics Circle

Georgia Film Critics Association

Globes de Cristal Awards

Golden Tomato Awards

Grand Bell Awards

Guldbagge Awards

Hollywood Critics Association Awards

Filmmaker Achievement Award

Houston Film Critics Society

IndieWire Critics Poll

International Cinephile Society Awards

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

New York Film Critics Circle

New York Film Critics Online

Online Film Critics Society

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Producers Guild of America Awards

San Diego Film Critics Society

San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle

San Sebastián International Film Festival

Sant Jordi Awards

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

São Paulo International Film Festival

Satellite Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Seattle Film Critics Society

St. Louis Film Critics Association

Sydney Film Festival

Tallgrass Film Festival

Parasite Cast and Characters

Kang-ho Song Kim Ki-taek (as Song Kang Ho)

Sun-kyun Lee Park Dong-ik (as Lee Sun Kyun)

Yeo-jeong Jo Park Yeon-kyo (as Cho Yeo Jeong)

Woo-sik Choi Kim Ki-woo (as Choi Woo Shik)

So-dam Park Kim Ki-jung (as Park So Dam)

Jeong-eun Lee Moon-gwang (as Lee Jung Eun)

Hye-jin Jang Kim Chung-sook (as Chang Hyae Jin)

Ji-hye Lee Singer

Ji-so Jung Park Da-hye (as Jung Ziso)

Myeong-hoon Park

Seo-joon Park

Keun-rok Park

Seong-Bong Ahn

Kang Echae

Jeong Esuz

Ik-han Jung

Dong-yong Lee

JaeWook Park

Hyun-jun Jung

Joo-hyung Lee

Hyo-shin Pak

Andreas Fronk

Music: Jaeil Jung

Cinematography by Kyung-pyo Hong

Film Editing by Jinmo Yang

Casting By Heidi Levitt

Production Design by Ha-jun Lee

Art Direction by Se-jin Lim, So-ra Mo

Set Decoration by Won-woo Cho

Costume Design by Se-yeon Choi

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