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One Magic Christmas 1985 Disney Film

What's your review of the 1986 Disney film One Magic Christmas? It's directed by Phillip Borsos.

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About One Magic Christmas 1985

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One Magic Christmas plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Mary Steenburgen as Ginnie Grainger

Gary Basaraba as Jack Grainger

Harry Dean Stanton as Gideon

Arthur Hill as Caleb Grainger

Robbie Magwood as Cal Grainger

Elisabeth Harnois as Abbie Grainger

Michelle Meyrink as Betty

Elias Koteas as Eddie

Wayne Robson as Harry Dickens

Jan Rubeš as Saint Nicolaas

Sarah Polley as Molly Monaghan

Graham Jarvis as Frank Crump

Timothy Webber as Herbie Conklin

Joy Thompson as Mrs Monaghan

John Friesen as Mr Noonan

Debra McGrath as Mrs Noonan

Directed by Phillip Borsos

Screenplay by Thomas Meehan

Music by Michael Conway Baker

Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II, Telefilm Canada

Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution

Release date: November 22, 1985


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