Jungle 2 Jungle 1997 Film | Tim Allen, Sam Huntington

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Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Από τη Μια Ζούγκλα στην Άλλη

Jungle 2 Jungle plot from IMDb: "A man learns he has a thirteen-year-old son who was raised in the jungle and brings the boy to New York City, turning his life upside down in the process."

Jungle 2 Jungle trailer on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119432/

Directed by John Pasquin

Produced by Richard Baker, Brad Krevoy

Written by Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon

Music by Michael Convertino

Cinematography: Tony Pierce-Roberts

Edited by Michael A. Stevenson

Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, TF1 International

Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures (United States), Ariane Films (France)

Release date: March 7, 1997 (US), August 5, 1997 (France)

Running time: 105 minutes

Budget: $32 million

Box office: $59.9 million

Cast and Characters:

Tim Allen as Michael Cromwell

Martin Short as Richard Kempster

Sam Huntington as Mimi-Siku Cromwell

JoBeth Williams as Dr. Patricia Cromwell

Lolita Davidovich as Charlotte

David Ogden Stiers as Alexei Jovanovic

Valerie Mahaffey as Jan Kempster

Leelee Sobieski as Karen Kempster

Luis Avalos as Abe

Frankie J. Galasso as Andrew Kempster

Carole Shelley as Fiona Glockman

Bob Dishy as George Langston

Dominic Keating as Ian

Rondi Reed as Sarah

Oni Faida Lampley as Madeleine