"I’m afraid that if I stop writing I’ll start feeling." - Carrie Fisher

My favourite of all Carrie Fisher quotes, ""I’m afraid that if I stop writing I'll stop thinking and I’ll start feeling." #CarrieFisher #PrincessLeia #StarWars I read Carrie Fisher's Princess Diarist memoirs book, and there was so much that I wanted to quote; it's so emotive, and I utterly encourage everybody to read it, particularly if you love mental health quotes. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite passage from the text, which was extracted from one of Carrie's diaries written at the time that she immortalised Princess Leia in the 1977 Star Wars a New Hope film. It's rare that I find somebody who I feel would understand me, my mind, and my emotions, but as soon as I read this I knew it: Carrie is kindred.

I read it, I wept, I read it again, and then I put the book in a drawer. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I knew I had to do something with it. This is that something.


“I am the only one who can come to my rescue. I am the only one who can help me now. But I don’t know how to help myself. It must follow then that I don’t want to help myself. That I want to completely drain myself of all hope, which will leave me safe and dry with nothing to lose. The point where it can only get better, if I allowed it to get better. I can’t focus on the good things. There are good things going on all around me, but I don’t trust them, I can’t make use of them, don’t have the time for them; I’m too preoccupied with my precious panic. It seems to be demanding almost all of my attention. My own personal private collection of panic. I need to write. It keeps me focused for long enough to complete thoughts. To let each train of thought run to its conclusion and let a new one begin. It keeps me thinking. I’m afraid that if I stop writing I’ll stop thinking and start feeling. I can’t concentrate when I’m feeling. I try to put the feelings into thoughts or words but it always seems to come out in disjointed sweeping statements. Adolescent jargon peppered with random selections from a fairly gaudy vocabulary. A Frederick’s of Hollywood vocabulary. I wish that I could leave myself alone. I wish that I could finally feel that I punished myself enough. That I deserved time off for all my bad behaviour. Let myself off the hook, drag myself off the rack where I am both torturer and torturee.”

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Carrie's full name: Carrie Frances Fisher

Mother: Debbie Reynolds

Father: Eddie Fisher

Brother: Todd Fisher

Daughter: Billie Lourd

Date of birth: 21st October 1956

When did Carrie Fisher die? 27th December 2016

What did Carrie Fisher die of? Cardiac arrest/suspected sleep insomnia

Where is Carrie Fisher buried? Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, U.S.

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