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What's your review of the 2020 Reel One Entertainment film Calling for Love (or Chasing the One)? It's directed by Kristin Fairweather, and stars Karissa Lee Staples and Tajh Bellow. #CallingforLove #ReelOne #ChasingtheOne Do you want to watch Calling for Love? Did you enjoy the full movie or just parts of it? Scroll down for more information!

About Calling for Love

Alternative titles (from Letterboxd): Batti Cuore

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Calling for Love plot from IMDb: "Podcaster Sam Sanders is assigned to host a show that reunites lost loves. Even though Love is the last thing on her mind, Samantha falls for charming Jake who calls in with a problem. Will Samantha follow he heart this time?"

Writer: Melanie Martinez

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Karissa Lee Staples as Sam Sanders

Tajh Bellow as Jake Hanson

Marisa Brown as Kathy Hart

Emily Vere Nicoll as Becky Holland

Maahra Hill as Greta

Johnny Ramey as Alex Hanson

Paul Holowaty as Adam Lowe

Carolyn Hennesy as Mercy Lewis

Emmy Mattingly as Gabbi

Allie McCarthy as Vicki

Brian Patierno as Zach

Tessa Munro as Sheri

Paul Gunn as Eddie

Shoko Rice as Pregnant Office Worker

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