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Barney Songs from the Park 2003 Barney and Friends Special | Barney the Dinosaur

What's your review of the 2003 Barney and Friends Barney the Dinosaur special Barney Songs from the Park?

#Barney #BarneyandFriends #BarneytheDinosaur Do you want to watch Barney Songs from the Park? Did you enjoy the full special film or just parts of it?

About Barney and Friends Barney Songs from the Park 2003

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Barney Songs from the Park plot from IMDb:

Cast and Characters:

Carey Stinson - Barney

Dean Wendt - Barney (voice)

Jeff Ayers - Baby Bop

Julie Johnson - Baby Bop (voice)

Kyle Nelson - BJ

Patty Wirtz - BJ (voice)

Archive footage:

Makayla Crawford - Kami

Zachary Fountain - Tony

Selena Gomez - Gianna

Kayla S. Levels - Whitney

Demi Lovato - Angela

Katherine Pully - Beth

Zachary Soza - Mario

Hayden Tweedie - Sarah

Grayson Vanover - Nick

Jalil Williams - Jamal

Alex Wilson - Scott

Daven Wilson - Jackson

Barney Songs from the Park songs include: It's a Fun Fun Sunny Day, When You Have a Ball, Bubbles, The Little Turtle, The Rainbow Song, and more. View the full list:


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